Commissions and First Performances

Works commissioned by Bromsgrove Concerts

1994 Howard Skempton Gemini Dances First performance on 11/11/94 by Gemini
1996 Edward Dudley Hughes Sun, New Moon & Women Shouting First performance on 24/1/96 by I Fagiolini
1998 Alastair Greig Looking Through Mirrors First performance on 11/2/98 by Rolf Hind (piano)
1998 Stephen Montague Chew Chow Chatterbox First performance on 18/11/98 by Ensemble Bash
2000 Julian Philips Verses in Solitude First complete performance on 8/12/00 by Geraldine McGreevy (soprano), Andrew Foster (baritone) and Chris Gould (piano)
(Part 1 was first performed on 8/3/00)
2001 Sally Beamish Exile First performance on 16/2/01 by Nigel Robson (tenor) and Howard Moody (piano)
2001 Graham Fitkin Gate First performance on 7/3/01 by Federico Mondelci (saxophone) and Kathryn Stott (piano)
2002 Adam Gorb String Quartet No. 1 First performance on 27/2/02 by the Maggini Quartet
2003 Lynne Plowman Silver Moon
40th Birthday Commission
First performance on 31/1/03 by the Wakeford Ensemble
2003 Philip Cashian Caprichos
for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano
First performance on 9/4/03 by Chroma - Stuart King (clarinet), Marcus Barcham-Stevens (violin), Clare O'Connell (cello), Martin Cousin (piano)
2003 Jonathan Girling White Journey
for string quartet
First performance on 14/5/03 by the Antara String Quartet
2003 Liz Johnson Draco for solo percussion First performance on 19/11/03 by Noszferatu
2003 Liz Johnson String Quartet no. 3 
Intricate Web
First performance on 10/12/03 by the Fitzwilliam Quartet
2004 Rolf Hind Eye of Fire First performance on 2/10/04 by the Duke Quartet and Rolf Hind
2005 Erika Fox Café. Warsaw 1944 First performance on 2/3/05 by the New Music Players
2005 Howard Skempton Three Songs for Jennie First performance on 11/3/05 by James Gilchrist (tenor) and Alison Nicholls (harp)
2005 Simon Holt Four Humours First performance on 16/11/05 by Andrew Zolinsky (piano)
2006 Phillip Neil Martin Piano Quartet Stilled... First performance on 15/3/06 by the Schubert Ensemble
2007 Ed Bennett For Marcel Dzama
for piano trio and electronic sound
First performance on 13/4/07 by the Fidelio Piano Trio
2009 Morgan Hayes Dances on a Ground
for string quartet
First performance on 27/2/09 by the Smith Quartet
Commissions were funded by Arts Council England, West Midlands Arts, the Lottery, Britten-Pears Foundation, Regional Arts Lottery Programme, the Finzi Trust and by supporters of Bromsgrove Concerts

Works written specially for Bromsgrove Concerts

1992 Colin Touchin Yon far winded sky First performance on 29/1/92 by the Feinstein Quartet
1994 Howard Skempton Requiescat First performance on 14/10/94 by Nicholas Daniel (oboe)
1994 Howard Skempton In the Forest First performance on 28/10/94 by
Catherine Pierard (soprano) and Jeux
1995 Howard Skempton Spadesbourne Suite First performance on 24/3/95 by the Schubert Ensemble
1997 Edward Dudley Hughes Whitman Song First performance on 19/3/97 by
the Cambridge New Music Players
2001 Timothy Jackson Etude - Don't Make It Bad First performance on 12/10/01 by Fiona Cross (clarinet)
and other works since 2001

Other first performances

1993 Jeremy Peyton Jones The Passion of Piet Mondrian Harmonie Band on 27/1/93
1993 Joe Cutler Visions of a Floating World eos on 3/11/93
1994 John Hardy Ars Mallium Caedendi Ensemble Bash on 2/3/94
1994 Kevin Volans String Quartet No. 2 
Hunting: Gathering
(choreographed version)
Duke Quartet on 23/11/94
with Anna Williams, Tamsin O'Donnell (dancers)
1995 Melinda Maxwell String Trio Pelagos London Metropolitan Ensemble on 8/11/95
1997 Edward Dudley Hughes Non Tanto! Apollo Saxophone Quartet on 29/1/97
1998 Sally Beamish Horn Trio St Andrew's Bones English Horn Trio on 23/1/98
1999 Edward Cowie Dartmoor Etudes Haffner Wind Quintet on 3/11/99
2001 Marc Yeats The Battle of Metaphors and Conquests Federico Mondelci (saxophone) on 7/3/01
and many other works since 2001

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